How long do the tours take?

Tours range from 60-80 minutes in duration.


How do you milk a cow?

We don’t know how to explain this in words. It’s probably just easier if we show you.


What clothing should I wear?

Casual, weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy, closed-toed shoes or boots are advised.


What other attractions are close?

Please click here for a full list of nearby attractions. Highlights include Strasburg Railroad (including Thomas the Tank Engine on select weeks), Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, buggy rides, local artisans, museums, quilt shops and much more.


What if it rains the day of my tour?

Farm tours are weather dependent, but it takes severe weather to alarm these farmers. In the event of heavy rain, high winds, or other severe weather, guests will be given vouchers valid for a return visit in the next 365 days.


What about bathrooms?

You will find port-a-potties and a handwashing sink at the farm.  They are serviced on regular intervals.  They are used by visitors and farmers alike, but don’t worry – the goats, cows, pigs, bunnies, dog and cats use different facilities.


Do the animals bite, kick or scratch?

The Verdant View farm animals are generally quite tame, but caution should be exercised in approaching any animal. Cows don’t have teeth on their top gums, so they don’t have the capacity to bite….but you could get a “cowlick”! Geese and swans can be very protective of their young, so don’t get the goose’s gander up. Please ask your tour guide for further guidance on picking up or interacting with any of the farm animals.


I visited the farm last year.  Can I just stop by to see my favorite animals?

We’re glad you enjoyed your farm experience and want to return.  We’d love to welcome you back as a registered guest!

Visiting Verdant View Farm is limited only to registered guests who, at the time of their visit, are booked to stay overnight at Verdant View Farm Bed & Breakfast or who are scheduled to participate in Verdant View Farm Tours.   No farm visits are permitted to the general public without a scheduled registration with the B&B and/or Farm Tours valid for the time of the visit.


Can we bring a scout group, summer camp, or bus full of international visitors?

Yes! All farm activities are ideally suited to groups, and group rates are available. Verdant View Farm has hosted many tour and overnight guests over the years, and we welcome the interaction that comes with larger groups.


Do you accommodate school field trips?

Yes! Given the educational, experiential focus of the Verdant View Farm tours, school groups are a perfect fit.