Discover a place that values family, farming, food, and fellowship. Discover Verdant View Farm.



Cows & Crops

Verdant View Farm’s 4th generation manages a cow/calf operation, much like the homestead farms of previous generations. They help newborns learn how to drink from their mothers, troubleshoot breakdowns, practice thrift, and dally in the garden. As farmers, they work within nature’s seasons and specialize in being generalists.



Bed & Breakfast

The farm has been receiving visitors since 1967. It is an authentic farm stay for visitors of all backgrounds, a place where relationship with the earth and with others is cultivated. Click here to learn more and check availability at our Bed & Breakfast.



Farm Tours

Farmers make up less than 2% of the US population. Verdant View Farm strives to offer educational, guided farm tours so that others might see, touch, and experience the joys of farming. Click here to learn more or to view the Farm Tour calendar.