At Verdant View Farm we strive to continue a legacy of family, faithfulness and stewardship. We seek to share this legacy with others.

“Sustainable agriculture” is a buzz word that gets thrown around these days, but what it really means at bottom is a way to provide for our basic necessities that can be continued for a very long time (though nothing is forever) because it is in accord with nature and with human beings. Without both ingredients – an attentiveness to both nature and to people – agriculture cannot really be sustained across generations.

At our farm, sustainable agriculture in the first place involves making connections: between urban and rural, between food producers and food eaters, between the economy and nature, and between generations of young and old.  Our mission at Verdant View Farm is to help make these connections, one family at a time.

As farmers, we are constantly reminded that we are stewards in a long chain, stretching before us and hopefully going on long after us. The only way for this chain to continue past our own finite lifetimes is to be in right relationship. Our hope is that we – as the next links in this chain – remain in right relationship with God, and with each other, and are thereby worthy stewards.