Our pasture-raised chicken is currently available in two ways:

  1. Bulk Orders: by pre-order (preferred).  Whole birds are shrink-wrapped, weighed, and frozen.  Whole birds are available in a range of sizes, on average between 4-6 lbs.  Please email your order request to patrick@verdantview.com.
  2. Farm Store: Select from a variety of sizes of whole birds from the retail freezer.  Cash and credit card accepted.

Store Hours: Open Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm, or by appointment.  



  • Chicks are raised in a warm brooder for the first 3 weeks as they quickly grow and mature;
  • Chickens then move into a large area on pasture grasses and are guarded by 2 geese (watch out, fox!).  The flock has access to clean water, feed, and shade at all times, and the farmer moves them onto fresh grass every few days.
  • No artificial hormones;
  • No preventive antibiotics.

• Under Exemption P.L. 90-492, chickens are processed on farm premises through the expertise of a woman-owned and led, mother-daughter duo at Ironstone Farm.


Cornish Cross ($3.75/lb) vs. Freedom Ranger ($5.00/lb)


  • Both are pastured -raised, fed non-GMO feed, and given no hormones or antibiotics
  • Both are hybrid breeds selected for fast growth and meat development.
  • “Hybrid” means  if bred together they will not breed “true to breed.”  Simply put, if you breed a Cornish Cross with another Cornish Cross , they will not produce a Cornish Cross  (the same goes for Freedom Rangers). 


  • Cornish Cross take 6-8 weeks to reach a dressed weight* of 5-6lbs. Freedom Rangers take 9-11 weeks to reach a dressed weight* of 5-6lbs. 
  • Freedom Rangers tend to be more active and better foragers than Cornish Cross. 
  • Due to their extremely fast rate of growth, Cornish Cross can have more health problems than Freedom Rangers. This includes leg issues and heart failure.   
  • Freedom Rangers tend to have darker meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than Cornish Cross. 


*dressed weight refers to the chicken’s weight after head, feet, feathers, and organs have been removed